Thursday, 3 April 2014


The Niger Delta People Salvation Front,NDPSF, and Concerned Niger
Delta Youths have called on the Federal Government and President Goodluck Jonathan for the immediate sack of the Minister for
Petroleum Resources,Mrs.Deziani Allison Madueke and her counterpart
Minister of Interiors,Mr.Patrick Abba Moro.

The NDPSF and Concerned Niger Delta Youths made the call during a
peaceful protest staged along the ever busy Effurun-Ughelli road by
PTI junction in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State on Saturday
March 29.

The Coordinator,Comrade Rex Ekiugbo Anighoro and Members of the NDPSF
and Concerned Niger Delta Youths who carried placards with
inscriptions like"Urhobo youths say No to Deziani","Edo youths reject
Deziani & Moro","Ijaw youths reject Deziani", "Mr.President, Urhobo
youths supports National Conference",Mr.President, Enough is
Enough,sack all non-performing ministers now!"," On Dr.Goodluck Jonathan we
stand but we say No to Deziani""Anioma youths say No to
non-performance","Deziani you are a vampire & Jezebel""you are
embarrassing Mr.President,Deziani & Moro resign now!""stop making
Alarmist People Cultist (APC) & lying Mohammed lied against Mr.President"
threatened to storm the venue of the ongoing National Conference with
their protest should their demands not be met adding that they will
also take their protest to all the Nigerian Embassies,the United
States of America and neighbouring Ghana until their voice is heard
noting that because of "bad eggs"like Mrs.Dezian Allison Madueke and
Mr.Patrick Abba Moro, President Goodluck Jonathan is receiving insults
from different quarters.

Comrade Anighoro emphasised that both Deziani and Moro must be sacked
from President Goodluck Jonathan's Government for him to succeed and
function creditably well.

Comrade Anighoro also called for the trial of Mr.Patrick Abba Moro in
the court of law and be made to pay dearly for the lives he has
allegedly collected through the deadly Immigration exercise stressing
that no amount of compensation can bring back those who lost their

According to Comrade Anighoro "it is a shame as a nation that we
cannot conduct a simple Immigration screening exercise that took the
lives of over 15youths. "it is a sad commentary that our youths have
to be sacrificed for a nation that care less about them";"it is a sad
commentary that the Ministry of Interior through the Immigration
Department conducted screening at the stadium where we supposed to
play games";"it is a shame that after collecting money for the same
exercise,our young ones have to die";"it is a shame that our young ones
who went to school,suffered 4-5years ,went to the compulsory NYSC and
came back without jobs","they decided not be armed robbers,prostitutes
but instead functional citizens of this nation."

A minute silence was also observed for those who lost their lives at
the deadly immigration exercise and prayed for their souls to rest in
perfect peace while the souls of Deziani and Moro will never rest in
perfect peace.

Comrade Anighoro said  Mrs.Deziani Madueke who is a "Jezebel and
Vampire" failed to look after the interests of the Niger Delta People
after resuming as the Minister of Petroleum Resources noting that the
youths are suffering.

Comrade Anighoro pointed out that people who have no reasons to be in
the Ministry of Petroleum Resources are there while the Niger Delta
youths are suffering.

Comrade Anighoro said rather than consider the plight of the people of
the Niger Delta people, Mrs.Deziani Madueke uses  the tax payers money
to acquire and fly private jets when others cannot even boast of three
square  meals.

Comrade Anighoro who noted that Dr.Goodluck Jonathan cannot do
everything at the same time,said there are people who are supposed to
watch over and help him ameliorate the sufferings of the common
masses. He said people like Deziani and Moro cannot be allowed to
continue describing  them as "demonic and satanic".

The Niger Delta Activist and Spokesman of Alhaji Mujahid Asari Dokubor
pledged their support for President Goodluck Jonathan and his
re-election bid noting that they are not going to support a
"supremacist,colonialist and an expansionist" saying that is what the
All Progressives Congress,APC, stands for.  That is why we cannot
support them, he added.

Comrade Anighoro said they will support only persons from the Niger
Delta and who are specifically from the minority. He said they will
resist people who want to hold on to their "supremacy and born to rule

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